ADI LTC6813-1 18-Cell Battery Monitor with Daisy Chain Interface

The LTC6813-1 is a multicell battery stack monitor that measures up to 18 series connected battery cells with a total measurement error of less than 2.2mV. The cell measurement range of 0V to 5V makes the LTC6813-1 suitable for most battery chemistries. All 18 cells can be measured in 290µs, and lower data acquisition rates can be selected for high noise reduction. 

Multiple LTC6813-1 devices can be connected in series, permitting simultaneous cell monitoring of long, high voltage battery strings. Each LTC6813-1 has an isoSPI interface for high speed, RF immune, long distance communications. Multiple devices are connected in a daisy chain with one host processor connection for all devices. This daisy chain can be operated bidirectionally, ensuring communication integrity, even in the event of a fault along the communication path. 

The LTC6813-1 can be powered directly from the battery stack or from an isolated supply. The LTC6813-1 includes passive balancing for each cell, with individual PWM duty cycle control for each cell. Other features include an onboard 5V regulator, nine general purpose I/O lines and a sleep mode, where current consumption is reduced to 6µA. 


  • Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Backup Battery Systems
  • Grid Energy Storage
  • High Power Portable Equipment

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LTC6813-1 Datasheet LTC6813IL WE-1 Demo board


Industrial, Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Backup Battery Systems, Grid Energy Storage, High Power Portable Equipment


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