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Empowering Future Technology
Empowering through our expertise, solutions and foresight, Excelpoint strives to be the leading gateway between our suppliers and customers in Asia. We are always ready for the next wave of technology.
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Striving Towards Excellence
We have a strong and diversified portfolio of product lines to fulfil the needs of our customers. Our capabilities built over the years have propelled us to deliver our promises, and be the partner of choice in the new arena of technology.
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Creating Value In Everything We Do
With our commitment to add value, we aim to build a sustainable supply chain of interactions and relationships by partnering major technology giants and supporting new innovations.
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The entrepreneurial and investment arm of Excelpoint

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Excelpoint is a leading regional electronics components distributor providing quality components, engineering design services. Use the product search tools to help find the right product for your next design.

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